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Accelerist’s custom software solution helps you find and measure your profit-purpose partnerships.

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Find out why hundreds of enterprise nonprofits and companies choose Accelerist

You need a powerful, custom solution that helps you – the partnership people.

Companies and charities are teaming up through transformational partnerships in order to make the greatest impact on the world and the bottom line.

You need more than a static CRM system built for traditional sales or fundraising teams. You need a powerful, custom solution built for Purpose People.

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Find smarter partners for long-term success

Differentiate your brand and cause in the marketplace

Engage consumers and employees to make an impact

Measure your total partnership impact

With Accelerist, you can…

Save Time

Find and vet partnerships in half as much time as you would with other solutions

Save Money

Accelerist’s comprehensive platform is 30% less than other solutions

Impact More

With our tools you can raise up to 35% more for your cause through your corporate partnerships

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Understand how to activate your constituents with our Audience module. This tool aggregates a variety of data, such as brand affinities, demographic data, and more, so that you can better connect with your audience.

Activate your audience around your partnerships:

  • Receive analysis 77% quicker than with competitors

  • Understand motivations and needs for your audience

  • Identify opportunities for audience expansion

  • Discover right-fit brands with aligning audiences

Asset Valuation

Accelerist’s Asset Valuation module will help you understand the value that your organization brings to companies through your partnerships. Many nonprofits undervalue their offerings by 33%.

Quantify your value to corporate partners:

  • Analyze your partner portfolio to identify key areas for growth and optimization

  • Tailor and automate your stewardship strategy for specific partners

  • 90% less expensive than manual asset valuations

  • Track activity in real-time to measure and optimize you partnerships and campaigns


As the largest social impact database in the world, Accelerist’s Prospecting module is an indespensable resource when looking for new contacts and partners.

Find shared-value prospects and right-fit decision makers:

  • Weekly updates provide key insight for industry trends

  • Over 230K+ vetted and verified contacts available

  • Automate outbound pitch deployment through the Gameplan feature


Accelerist’s ROI module provides tools to quantify partner ROI and support ESG reporting. Leveraging data to report on your partnerships is an invaluable asset and can help you earn 20% more from your corporate partners.

Manage, steward, and prove ROI all in one place:

  • Analyze and automate partner stewardship plans

  • Redirect $30K+ per year in FTE costs

  • Track partnership activity in real-time

  • Quantify tangible ROI of your corporate partners and prove the value your partnerships provide


Involve consumers and employees in supporting your cause. Accelerist Fundraising allows you to diversify your corporate revenue and engage their consumers. You will also receive turnkey toolkits, sales enablement, and post-campaign analytics to optimize your fundraising campaigns.

Consumer Fundraising:

  • Raise money both online and in-store

  • Accelerist integrates with all major and custom POS systems for turnkey setup

Employee Fundraising:

  • Add a digital employee engagement asset to your portfolio

  • Customizable tools offer multiple CTAs, optimized fundraising & seamless payroll deduction for your partners

Customer Experiences

Accelerist is more than a software company – we’re a community of nonprofits and companies committed to changing the world through the power of partnership.

Join the 100+ members of our community to build partnerships that make a difference.

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