Customizing a Fundraiser

Styling your fundraiser

Once your fundraiser has been created, you can customize it to make it your own!  Check your email for login instructions to Teamsnap’s fundraising partner, Accelerist, in order to change the fundraiser colors, add pictures and edit details. 

Communicate your fundraiser

If you are a Team Owner or Manager, you are able to create, customize and share a fundraiser through Teamsnap.

  1. Access: Your team members, parents and guardians will receive a notification within the TeamSnap mobile app that their fundraiser is LIVE. They can view, donate and share your fundraiser directly from the TeamSnap mobile app. 
  2. Customize:   You’ll receive a separate email from Accelerist, TeamSnap’s Fundraiser Partner, prompting you to log in and view your fundraiser.  Follow the login instructions to update your fundraising page with team colors, custom photography and more about why your team is fundraising and how the funds will be used. Donors are more likely to give if you make it personal and specific. 
  3. Share: Share your fundraiser with your network and invite your team to share it with their friends, family, coworkers.  Find sample emails, social content and fundraising tips at the Fundraising Hub! 

Share with friends and family

Did you know that fundraisers who use social media to promote their fundraiser raise up to 40% more than those who don’t? Whether you connect with friends on Facebook, coworkers on LinkedIn, or fans and followers on Instagram or TikTok, let your social network know you’re fundraising to support your team! 

Here are a few quick tips to maximize your fundraising on social media:  

  • Reels and videos perform the best, so take a quick video of yourself or your team members explaining why you’re fundraising and how donations will be used to help your team. 
  • Always include a link to your fundraiser in your post or in the comments. If you’re on Instagram or TikTok, add your fundraiser link in your bio, and point your followers to the link-in-bio to donate. 
  • Share updates and reminders about your fundraiser often. Not sure what to say? Use the social media graphics and message templates available in the Fundraising Hub.  
  • Thank your donors publicly by tagging them in a post or comment.  
  • Have a Twitch or YouTube channel? Go live and dedicate a stream to your team fundraiser. Share your fundraiser link in the chat often, and let viewers know that you’ll reward them for donating by eating something you hate, writing their name on your face, or doing a silly dance. 

Wherever you connect with your community, invite them to support your team fundraiser and spread the word!