Starting a Fundraiser

How to create a fundraiser

To set up a fundraiser, visit the TeamSnap mobile app and look for the “More” button. Find “Fundraising” and tap “Setup” to set up a fundraiser. Enter your fundraiser details and tap “Publish Fundraiser.” Be sure to include details about why your team is fundraising – those who add their reason for fundraising raise at least 3 times more than those who don’t! 

Learn about fees

There’s no fee to create, customize or share a fundraiser. However, there are a few transaction fees that help us operate safely and securely:

We use PayPal to process and facilitate all donations through a PayPal account or Credit or Debit card. Their fees associated with payment processing including 3.49% + $.49.

Accelerist also charges a 3% platform fee to host and support all fundraisers.

All fees are deducted automatically from donations. The Team owner or manager who is claiming funds will receive all funds donated minus these transaction fees.

Fundraising best practices

Whether you’re fundraising to supplement team costs for uniforms or away games, or you’re fundraising to support a specific team member, your fundraiser is important. Here are our top fundraising tips to help you reach your fundraiser goal: 

Set a challenging goal. A goal can help keep your team motivated as you raise funds. If you reach the goal early, you can increase it through the Teamsnap Fundraising powered by Accelerist portal and work toward a stretch goal. 

Share why you’re fundraising. Donors are more likely to give when they understand how the funds will be used, so update your fundraising page and explain how the donations you receive will help your group.  

Fun Fact: Fundraisers who update their fundraising page raise 3 times more, on average, than those who do not. 

Lead by example. Get your fundraiser moving by making a donation to let your team and prospective donors know you’ve got skin in the game.  Challenge others to match – or exceed – your donation amount. 

Get the word out. Send a message to your team and invite them to share your fundraiser link via email, text, and/or social media. The more your team shares your fundraiser, the more you’ll raise. Point them to the pre-written messages, posts, and graphics available in the Fundraising Hub for help and inspiration. 

Make it fun! Challenge your team to come up with creative ideas that will motivate them to raise funds. Reward their efforts with prizes, treats, or experiences they will enjoy. Check out the Creative Fundraising Ideas for inspiration!    

We can’t wait to see your team come together and crush your fundraising goal! 

Creative Fundraising Ideas to Super-Charge your Fundraiser 

You’ve started your fundraiser and set your goal. Now it’s time to motivate your team and get your community involved. Check out these creative ideas to amp up your fundraiser – or create your own!   

Offer an Incentive or Reward 

Let your team know that when you reach your fundraising goal, they’ll get a reward, such as: 

  • Treats for Everyone: Reward your team with donuts, ice cream, or pizza. 
  • “Punish” the Coach: Team members get to pie the coach, dye their hair, or drench them with water or sports drinks. 
  • Team Spirit Day: Set a day for teammates, family, and friends to celebrate the team by wearing outrageous costumes, face paint, and more. 
  • Coach-for-a-Day: The team members who raise the most get to run practice for a day. 

Host a Community Fundraising Event 

Get your community involved in supporting your team by hosting a fundraising event, with donations going to your team fundraiser. Use your unique Fundraiser QR Code to collect donations in-person.  For example: 

  • Car Wash: Have team members volunteer to wash cars for donations. 
  • Bake Sale or Lemonade Stand: Sell treats or lemonade for donations. 
  • Garage Sale: Invite families to donate unwanted items and host a community garage sale.  
  • Trivia/Game/Karaoke Night: Invite teammates, family, and friends to a fun night of trivia, games, or karaoke and charge a donation to attend. 
  • Pancake Breakfast, Spaghetti Supper, or Chili Cook-off: Invite team members or family members to flip pancakes, dish up spaghetti, or submit an entry for a chili cook-off. Invite your community to partake in a tasty meal in exchange for a donation.  

Individual Fundraising Ideas 

In addition to team fundraising ideas, individuals can also amp up their personal fundraising contributions with these ideas:   

  • Donate your Birthday: Ask for donations instead of gifts for your birthday, holiday, or other celebration. 
  • Help your neighbors: Offer to mow lawns, wrap holiday gifts, babysit, or do chores in exchange for donations. 
  • Get Crafty: Sell hand-made crafts, jewelry, or treats in exchange for donations.  Share your fundraiser QR Code to collect donations. 
  • Host a charity stream: Love to stream on Twitch, YouTube, or TikTok? Dedicate a stream to raising funds for your team and share your fundraiser link in your chat or bio.  

You can find more tips and tools in our online Fundraising Hub, including Message Templates, Social Media Graphics, creative ideas for fundraising, and more! Team members, parents, and guardians can also access the Fundraising Hub for fundraising guidance and inspiration.