Trust and Safety

Report a fundraiser

TeamSnap Fundraising, powered by Accelerist is dedicated to making youth sports accessible to more kids, all while ensuring platform and donor safety and security. Fortunately, fraud on Accelerist is rare. If a user creates a Fundraiser with the intention of misleading donors or misrepresenting the usage of funds, our team takes immediate action.

If you think our team should investigate a Fundraiser, please report it to us at Your identify will remain confidential, unless compelled by law or a concern for the safety of our users or others.

Please keep in mind, only Fundraisers that violate our terms of service or have a proven misuse of funds will be removed.

Beneficiary protection

TeamSnap Fundraising, powered by Accelerist aims to ensure that any funds raised for your team on our platform makes it to you safely. If you feel like you are owed donations or there is an unauthorized Fundraiser on your behalf, please contact us at and we will review your case within 7 business days.

Suspended fundraiser

If a TeamSnap Fundraiser violates our Terms of Service, the Fundraiser may be suspended by Accelerist. 

When a Fundraiser is suspended, the link will be inactive to the public.

The Team Owner and Manager will receive an email with the subject  “Urgent Message from TeamSnap Fundraising by Accelerist – Response Required” addressing the suspension. 

In order for the Fundraiser to be reinstated, the Team Owner or Manager must follow the instructions provided in the original email.

If you are Team Owner or Manager, simply reply to our initial outreach when you have completed the steps provided, and our team will be able to finalize their review.

Account security

You should change your passwordand contact our team if you notice changes to any of the following in your account:

  • Personal information (such as name)
  • PayPal or Venmo account used for payouts
  • Account password 

Take these actions to keep your TeamSnap Fundraising, powered by Accelerist account secure:

  • Report suspicious messages: If you suspect someone is impersonating TeamSnap Fundraising or Accelerist, forward the message to
  • Sign in securely: Only sign into Accelerist through our official members login and always look for the lock symbol in the address bar, showing the site is securely encrypted.
  • Choose a strong password: Your password should be:
    • Unique to Accelerist and not used for other websites or apps
    • A combination of letters (upper and lower-case), numbers, and symbols
    • Not easily guessed – such as “password,”  or use any personal information (name, birthday, etc.)

Privacy policy

TeamSnap Fundraising powered by Accelerist takes donor and user privacy very seriously. Please review our detailed privacy policy here.