2023 CSR Trends Report

Resilience Before the Rally

5 Purpose Trends You Need to Know

From mild recession to supply chain disruptions, the economic shifts expected in 2023 will undoubtedly have ripple effects that will impact purposeful partnerships. We’ve identified 5 purpose trends to note in 2023. Understanding these trends in the face of economic expectations for the year will help your partnerships overcome the uncertainty ahead.

  • Values-Led CSR – the values of your company’s workforce and consumer base need to shape what issues and organizations you support.​

  • Authenticity and Action​ – consumers expect brands to lead change in 2023, not just keep up. ​

  • Connection – companies and causes help people find their personal purpose that makes them feel more connected, supported, and fulfilled.

  • The Influence of Technology – the next online evolution into alternate worlds, metaverses and augmented realities will have a greater impact on brand purpose.

  • Comprehensive and Integrated Purpose – better integration and measurement will help your company make smarter decisions about your investments and understand the impact on bottom line.​​

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