Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact your Accelerist Support representative to upgrade your plan at anytimeIf you would like to downgrade your plan, you are able to do so within 60 days of your annual renewal period. 

We currently have an FTP Integration that works with any CRM system you are usingWe will soon use Zapier for a more streamlined integration process. 

Yes! You can easily download leads, actions and impact metrics into an .xls or .csv file.    

YesWe offer a 17% discount for annual payments, but do allow for quarterly or monthly payments. 

You can find information about our data security and privacy policy here.

Accelerist’s main points of differentiation from any competitor are:

  • We leverage sophisticated datasets to help you drive smarter giving and fundraising decisions.
  • Our platform supports your comprehensive giving and fundraising needs – not just one area of your work.
  • Our platform is built for the modern and future state of the corporate philanthropy landscape – not the one from 10 years ago.

For Causes: You can find our detailed platform comparative analysis here.

For Companies: You can find our detailed platform comparative analysis here.

Our goal at Accelerist is that you see value in your investment in our platform within the first 30 days of purchaseWe know how hard it is to justify expenditures right nowDepending on the membership level you choose, you can onboard and start using Accelerist within a few days to a few weeks. 

Our experienced customer success team will help you with onboarding, implementation and how to get the most out of the platform – we call it the “Art of the Possible” with Accelerist. In additional, all Accelerist members have access to:

Accelerist Knowledgebase – our online product support center, found here.

Accelerist Purpose People Academy – our portfolio of 60+ online catalog of best practices, toolkits, playbooks and downloadable templates to support your strategy and professional growth.

Accelerist Thought Leadership – free access to all Accelerist research reports, webinars and events.

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