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We’ll expose your nonprofit to 1000 companies and decision-makers that give to your cause over the next 14 days – or your money back – guaranteed!​

You need a powerful, custom solution that helps you – the partnership people.

Companies and charities are teaming up through transformational partnerships in order to make the greatest impact on the world and the bottom line.

You need more than a static CRM system built for traditional sales or fundraising teams. You need a powerful, custom solution built for Purpose People.

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With Accelerist, you can…

Save Time

Find and vet partnerships in half as much time as you would with other solutions

Save Money

Accelerist’s comprehensive platform is 30% less than other solutions

Impact More

With our tools you can raise up to 35% more for your cause through your corporate partnerships

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Target Partners

Identify Right-Fit Corporate Prospects with Brand Affinities

  • Know Your Audience

    • Gather demographic, psychographic, geographic, brand affinity, cause affinity, influencer and media consumption and buying behavior data on your constituent​
    • Understand motivations, needs and opportunities for greater activation and ongoing stewardship throughout the year​
  • Attract New Partners

    • Identify which participants are ripe for acquisition and sponsorship, including their specific demographic, psychographic, geographic, brand affinity, cause affinity, influencer and media consumption and buying behaviors​
    • Understand the favorite brands of your participants and which brands love your mission ​

Build Partner Package – Asset Valuation

Quantify Your Value to Corporate Partners​

  • Understand your value

    • Place value on your brand and expertise as a nonprofit, as well as the rights and benefits of your event for potential corporate sponsors.​
    • Identify your minimum threshold, overall asset value, potential value and top areas for growth to manage and maximize your sponsorship activations.​
  • Pricing and packages for success

    • Take the guesswork out of partnership pricing with precise and accurate valuation of any type of in-person, virtual or hybrid event – galas, golf tournaments, runs/walks/rides​
    • Create asset matrices for multiple events and geographic locations. Scenario plan with potential asset development opportunities to drive better strategic decisions.​

Match and Connect with Partners

Find Shared-Value Prospects and Right-Fit Decision Makers

  • Score Partnership Opportunities

    • Input your partnership criteria and preferences – by zip code, demographics and budget ​
    • Partnership prospects are scored based on right fit to help you prioritize and save you time ​
  • Find Right-Fit Decision Makers

    • Research profiles on 100K+ companies who support charities each year​
    • Historical data on brand’s charity investments​
    • Contact information for key decision-makers including Philanthropy, Marketing/PR, and HR executives are listed in every company profile​
    • Easily export data or integrate with your existing CRM​
  • Automate Partnership Outreach

    • Automate and schedule outbound pitch deployment using best-in-class pitch templates, cadence and touchpoint recommendations​
    • Gameplan feature and analytics will take the prep and follow-up work out of outreach​
    • Focus on building relationships with potential partners, rather than cold-calling​


Diversify your Corporate Revenue and Engage Their Consumers​

  • Raise Money from Consumers Online & In-Store

    • Offer your prospects and existing partners a turn-key way to solicit donations from their consumers – online and in-store​
    • We integrate with all major and custom POS systems and are uniquely positioned to not disrupt the consumer buying cycle​
  • Turnkey Toolkits and Sales Enablement

  • Analytics for ​Long-Term Stewardship​

Diversify your Corporate Revenue and Engage Their Workforce

  • Add a Digital Employee Engagement Asset to Your Portfolio​

    • Turnkey, user-friendly and customizable employee engagement solution for those companies without an existing interface – at no additional cost to the company​
    • Partner-level customizable campaign, multiple calls-to-action, optimized fundraising, content blocks and customized omnichannel communications to drive adoption​
    • Seamless payroll deduction​
  • Turnkey Toolkits and Sales Enablement​

  • Analytics for ​Long-Term Stewardship​

Measure and Report to Partners​

Turnkey Partner Reporting to Ensure High ROI

  • Automate Partner Stewardship

    • Analyze your partner portfolio and identify key areas of growth and optimization​
    • Assign specific stewardship treatments to each partner​
    • Automate ongoing stewardship communications, activations and satisfaction.​
  • Track Partnership Activations

    • Track real-time paid, earned and shared media activity for an unlimited amount of your existing corporate partnerships (current and retroactive)​
    • Identify the geographic saturation, organic influencers, consumer sentiment, gender breakdown, and conversations around your most important partnerships​
  • Value Partner ROI and Easy Reporting

    • Place value on the marketing, media assets, stewardship, content and brand value your partners receive​
    • Communicate their return on investment from their donation​
    • Generate comprehensive partnership reports within your branding – blending data and storytelling for full ROI picture​

Customer Experiences

Accelerist is more than a software company – we’re a community of nonprofits and companies committed to changing the world through the power of partnership.

Join the 100+ members of our community to build partnerships that make a difference.

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