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Accelerist’s custom software solution helps you connect corporate sponsors with your charitable events.

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Corporations Want More Out of Charity Event Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorship contributes to 30% of a charity event’s overall revenue.With the changing landscape of corporate engagement with purpose, it’s important to have the right tools to help you provide the most value to your sponsors.

Employees Want New Ways to Engage with Purpose

  • Only 8% of employees want to participate in group volunteer activities

Companies Are Giving Smarter and More Integrated

  • 86% of companies are integrating their marketing, CSR, DEI and HR investments​

Companies Need to See a Return On Investment ​

  • 75% of companies sponsoring events expect more than 5:1 of event ROI

How Accelerist works…

Determine your parameters and fundraising goals, and the Accelerist platform will help you find, activate and delight your corporate sponsors​.


Target sponsors by postal code, brand love and brand cause alignment​


Match with right-fit sponsors & automate your communications to them​


Create and value sponsorship assets, packages and matrices​


Launch event-specific and year-round corporate team micro-sites​


Track, value & report on sponsorship placement and fulfillment​

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Target Your Audience and Sponsors

Know Your Audience:

  • Gather demographic, psychographic, geographic, brand affinity, cause affinity, influencer and media consumption and buying behavior data on your constituent​

  • Understand motivations, needs and opportunities for greater activation and ongoing stewardship throughout the year

Attract New Sponsors:

  • Identify which participants are ripe for acquisition and sponsorship, including their specific demographic, psychographic, geographic, brand affinity, cause affinity, influencer and media consumption and buying behaviors​

  • Understand the favorite brands of your participants and which brands love your mission ​

Match & Connect with Sponsors

Find shared-value prospects and right-fit decision makers

  • Score sponsorship opportunities based on customizable criteria and search functionality

  • Find sponsorship decision makers through Accelerist’s database of over 100K validated corporate contacts

  • Leverage best-in-class pitch templates to automate sponsorship outreach with performance tracking capabilities​

We had 25% fewer participants than last year and we raised 10% more in gross revenue – $1.59M compared to $1.44M.

Glen Deutscher , VP of Marketing and Fundraising
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation

High Touch Lead Generation

With this feature, Accelerist will serve as an outsourced lead generation team to boost sponsor revenue and raise your brand awareness to ideal prospects.

Lead Generation

  • Access your target personas and analyze key markets​

  • Identify companies interested in your mission and events​

  • Search for required contacts (decision-makers)

  • Validate selected contacts​

Appointment Setting

  • Write outreach content​

  • Customized outreach masked as your organization​

  • Qualification and negotiation with each prospect

  • Arrange calls/meetings for your team​

Anti Spam

  • Domain clearance​

  • DNS checkout​

  • Blacklist overview and clearance​

  • Deliverability check and reporting​

  • Spam-filters overview

Expected Return

  • Up to 1,000 new validated and qualified contacts each month

  • 5 – 15 qualified meetings set/month

  • 30% conversion from meeting to official sponsor

  • 4x total return on your investment

Build Your Sponsor Package​

Many organizations are under valuing their sponsorship packages by up to 33%. Accelerist can help you quantify your event’s value to corporate sponsors​.

  • Place value on your brand and expertise as a nonprofit

  • Identify your minimum threshold, overall asset value, potential value and top areas for growth

  • Take the guesswork out of partnership pricing with precise and accurate valuation of any event type

  • Create asset matrices for multiple events and geographic locations.

Engage Corporate Teams

Turnkey Corporate Team Microsites:

  • Turnkey, user-friendly and customizable corporate team page​

  • Co-branded microsite, multiple calls-to-action, optimized fundraising, content blocks and customized omnichannel communications to drive adoption​

  • Seamless team fundraising, one-time or recurring giving and payroll deduction​

Omnichannel Toolkits and Sales Enablement:

  • Sales enablement materials and training sessions ensure your sponsorship team is targeting the right workforces and nails their unique value proposition​

  • Corporate Team and Employee engagement toolkits are custom branded to help your sponsors communicate and amplify fundraising​

Measure and Report Sponsorships

Our solutions offer turnkey sponsorship reporting to ensure high sponsor ROI​. Save 20 hours+ per month with more efficient stewardship and reporting​, and raise more for your cause and events!

Automate Sponsor Fulfillment

Track Sponsorship Activations​

Value Partner Return on Investment

Simplified Reporting​ Process

Our 90+ corporate sponsors are asking us to measure their investments and be able to report back to them as a form of stewardship. Through Accelerist, we measure social influences, how many people are talking about the sponsorship, and other meaningful data points. Our sponsors love it.

Clark Sweat , Chief Revenue Officer

Membership Opportunities



(billed annually)



(billed annually)



(billed annually)

Target Sponsors X X X *Lead generation
Match with Sponsors X X X *Multiple Event Markets
Build Sponsor Packages X X *Team Competitions
Engage Sponsors & Teams Up to 10 sponsors Up to 20 sponsors *21+ Sponsors
Report to Sponsors Up to 20 sponsors *Multiple Participant Segment Analysis

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