The Software Solution for Connecting Companies and Charities

We’ll match your company to causes your consumers care about and launch point-of-sale giving within 14 days – or your money back – guaranteed!​

You need a powerful, custom solution that helps you – the partnership people.

Companies and charities are teaming up through transformational partnerships in order to make the greatest impact on the world and the bottom line.

You need more than a static CRM system built for traditional sales or fundraising teams. You need a powerful, custom solution built for Purpose People.

With Accelerist, you can…

Save Time

Find and vet partnerships in half as much time as you would with other solutions

Save Money

Accelerist’s comprehensive platform is 30% less than other solutions

Impact More

Our tools help streamline your CSR efforts so you can raise up to 35% more for social causes

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Target Your Issues

Find or Redefine Your Voice for Change​

  • Customer Cause Analysis – Leveraging an aggregate database of 300 million consumer records, 40 billion social connections and 100 million nonprofit records, you can uncover what social issues your customers care about, the nonprofits they give to and what motivates them to support a good cause.​

  • Employee Cause Analysis – Leveraging our qualitative survey analysis, you can uncover what social issues your employees care about, how they want you to give back, and what motivates them to support a good cause at work.​

  • Company Values + Brand Risk – Ensure that your brand values, risk proclivity and general zeitgeist is considered when identifying right-fit social issues. ​

  • Issue Assignment – By performing a ”social impact” materiality assessment, you can identify which issues your brand should stand for, which SDGs you align with, which charitable partners are right-fit for your annual giving investment, and the potential impact you can make BEFORE making a social investment.​

Vet Charity Partners

Find New Partners and Vet Inbound Opportunities With Ease

  • Identify Shared Values + Mission + Budget

    • Customize your data filters or let the algorithm take the guesswork out of prospecting for you​
    • Contact information for key decision-makers is listed in every nonprofit profile
  • Proactively Search for New Nonprofit Partners

    • Search for new nonprofit organizations to support like a pro without restrictions on your number of searches or number of users​
    • With unlimited seats, you will always be able to share information across your company with as many users as you’d like​
    • Review nonprofit, impact, partnership and media scope of potential investments​
  • Automatically Vet + Score Inbound Solicitations and Save Hours of Time ​

    • Upload your list of potential nonprofit partners (or use our search engine/application portal to discover new potential partners) and let the algorithm work its magic to match you with right-fitting NPOs​
    • Easily save your searches in the tool to start curating the perfect lists of potential partners​

Giving with Confidence

Advised Corporate Philanthropy Disbursement

Cost-effective, purpose-built platform for automated funding, donating and disbursing to any U.S. 501(c)(3)​

  • Fund your Accelerist – Uncommon Giving Wallet

  • Advised donations by Accelerist

  • Add notes and videos to all donations​

  • Centralize your giving and donation reporting


Involve your Consumers and Employees in Giving Back

  • Raise Money from Consumers Online & In-Store

    • A turn-key way to solicit donations from your consumers – online and in-store​
    • We integrate with all major and custom POS systems and are uniquely positioned to not disrupt the consumer buying cycle​
  • Launch Company-Wide Employee Engagement Campaigns​

    • Turnkey, user-friendly and customizable employee engagement solution for each organization you support ​
    • Multiple calls-to-action, optimized fundraising, content blocks and customized omnichannel communications to drive adoption​
    • Seamless payroll deduction​
  • Turnkey Toolkits and Sales Enablement

    • Our consumer and employee engagement toolkits are custom branded and allow you to amplify engagement and fundraising​
  • Analytics for ​Long-Term Stewardship

    • Post-campaign, you and your partner receive campaign and donor analytics, including demographics, psychographics, purchasing decisions and more​
    • Integration with CRM and donor management systems​

Measure Your Impact

Measure CSR Commitment and Report ESG All in One Place​

  • Measure CSR Commitments in One Place ​

    • Measure each facet of your CSR commitments, including your impact with community partners, consumer and employee engagement and other key bottom line metrics. ​
    • Manage community partner campaigns, gather impact data and value the ROI of each investment. ​
    • Deploy qualitative surveys to key constituent groups to determine sentiment, loyalty and brand reputation because of your purpose commitments. ​
    • Analyze the correlation between your purpose investments and key business metrics.​
  • Quantify Tangible ROI of CSR Commitments​

    • Analyze the key community, people and business outcomes of your CSR activities in a turnkey, visual and automated way. ​
    • Understand your return on investment on nonprofit partnerships, and communicate the ROI to your colleagues and leadership ​
    • Leverage comprehensive datasets to make better philanthropic and impact business decisions.​
  • Combine all CSR + ESG Activity for Standardized Reporting​

    • Accelerist sources your company’s ESG activity from public and filed data to give you a snapshot view of important ESG KPIs in one dashboard.​
    • Review and edit all ESG market activity for your company, combined with measured CSR commitments for a full picture of your impact.​
    • Customize CSR reporting against your branding and to fit within ESG reporting frameworks like GRI, SASB, UNGC.

Customer Experiences

Accelerist is more than a software company – we’re a community of nonprofits and companies committed to changing the world through the power of partnership.

Join the 100+ members of our community to build partnerships that make a difference.

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