Gas South Donates to the Causes That Matter to Their Stakeholders

“[Accelerist Issue Mapping] is helpful in conversations with Marketing, PR, Executives. This is what I’m really looking forward to. When we do choose our nonprofit partners we’ll be able to capture where our focus area with them is, what their cost per outcome will be, and then what the outcome of our investment actually results in.​​”

Carley Stephens | Manager of Community Affairs

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The Challenge

Gas South wants to better align their yearly donation of 5% of their profits with causes that matter to their employees and consumers.

The Action

They turned to Accelerist to run a cause issue-mapping analysis so that they could understand and identify causes that genuinely and authentically aligned with the interests of their stakeholders.

The Results

Gas South now has the data to distribute their donation more effectively, increasing the impact of their investments and building loyalty through consumer and employee engagement with purpose.

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