Save the Children Maximizes Their Opportunities with Data​

“A lot of the insights that come in through Accelerist are typically things that a human would have to do. We’re looking at this as not just a tool that saves on the time that resources would spend internally, but to gain more impactful insights and understand these data points that are all included in the platform. Being able to see the ROI model and being able to maximize relationships with our corporate partners is a really robust package. ​​​”

Alan Gordon​ | Head of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Integrations

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What’s possible with Accelerist?

The Challenge

Save the Children needed to build a pipeline of more engaged corporate funders.​

To build this pipeline they needed insights into their prospects that take a large amount of time and team members to gather.​

The Action

They utilized Accelerist’s prospecting tools and data to optimize the capabilities of their small team, allowing them to:​

  • View robust profiles for potential partners​​

  • Leverage Accelerist’s database of over 120K vetted and verified corporate contacts​

  • Identify priority ranked companies that align with their mission​

The Results

Save the Children was able to save time and resource while simultaneously gaining more impactful insights on potential corporate partners. ​

This allowed them to focus more on ROI and maximize relationships with their corporate partners.​

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