In a recent LinkedIn poll by Accelerist’s own, Brittany Hill, we discovered that 90% of charities utilize cold outreach as a key method for corporate donor acquisition. This statistic might raise eyebrows, especially for those who believe cold calling is an outdated or ineffective strategy.

While cold calling is common, the real magic is found in a comprehensive donor acquisition strategy that combines cold and warm outreach. This holistic approach builds a stable foundation for securing new corporate donors.

Cold vs. Warm Outreach – Why not both?

Outreach strategies can be broadly categorized into two main approaches: cold outreach and warm outreach.

Cold outreach involves reaching out to potential donors or partners who have had no prior interaction with your organization. It often requires crafting compelling messages across various channels to capture the attention of these prospects.

On the other hand, warm outreach focuses on cultivating existing connections and relationships to engage potential partners who may already have some familiarity with your cause.

Both cold and warm outreach strategies have their merits and should be strategically employed to expand your organization’s corporate donors.

Top Donor Prospect Lead Sources

We’ve meticulously mapped out various channels charities use to source donor prospects, analyzing the direct and indirect costs, average conversion rates, and overall return on investment (ROI) for each method.

For a detailed breakdown, dive into our comprehensive analysis.

How To – Cold Outreach

When it comes to cold outreach, the goal is to showcase your organization’s value and expertise through a lead magnet, or content, that “pulls” interested donors into your cause. Focus on how your cause impacts their consumers, workforce, or bottom line. This will help you draw in prospects who have high intent but might not know about your organization specifically.

You can use this lead magnet in a variety of cold outreach channels, including:

  • Paid Ads: Allocate part of your organization’s ad spend to corporate donor acquisition. Pick one channel (like LinkedIn) to target your ideal partner personas.
  • Cold Email: If you’re building campaigns for prospect lists from databases like Accelerist, then you definitely want to leverage your organization’s lead magnet to increase engagement.
  • Cold Calling: Create a quick script that hooks prospects on the highest value points in your lead magnet. Use this in cold calls to capture a prospect’s attention and extend the conversation.

How To – Warm Outreach

Warm outreach allows you to do more with your existing connections. Think about your social followers, previously engaged prospects, and lost donors.

For this audience you’ll want to lean into content that dives into your expertise, but also highlights value that others have seen through supporting your cause.

Case studies and special offers are often utilized in warm outreach to close the deal with prospects. These can be shared in emails and advertising, like cold outreach, but should also be leveraged on your organization’s website and organic social pages.

A Comprehensive Approach

Corporate donor acquisition is not about choosing between cold or warm outreach but rather leveraging the strengths of both approaches. While cold outreach casts a wide net, warm outreach capitalizes on existing connections and relationships.

By integrating these strategies, your organization can maximize reach, engagement, and ultimately, their success in securing new corporate donors.

If you’re on the hunt for a comprehensive tool to match your comprehensive strategy, learn more about Accelerist here.

Published On: April 9th, 2024 | Categories: Donor Acquisition, Nonprofit Strategy |

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